A Cry In The Wild: The Movie

A Cry In The Wild: The Movie is a 1990 American survival drama film directed by Mark Griffiths. The film stars Jared Leto, Megan Gallagher, David Quane, and Roberta Weiss. It was distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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A Cry In The Wild: The Movie is a 1990 American adventure drama film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and starring Megan Follows, Josh Brolin and David Charvet. The film was based on the novel of the same name by Jack London.

The story follows a young woman who is stranded in the wilderness after her plane crashes. She must fight for survival against the elements and against a pack of hungry wolves that are stalking her.

A Cry In The Wild: The Movie was a box office success, grossing $183 million worldwide. It received mixed reviews from critics, butFollows’ performance was praised.

The Plot

In the summer of 1982, a young college graduate named Chris McCandless sets off on a journey across North America. He has given away all his possessions and hitchhikes to Alaska, where he hopes to live in the wilderness and experience true freedom.

McCandless does not tell anyone where he is going and does not take any maps or supplies with him. He survives off the land, living off fish and small game that he hunts. He also reads books by Jack London and Henry David Thoreau, which inspire him to live a simple life in nature.

After surviving for over 100 days in the wilderness, McCandless runs out of food and starts to starve. He keeps a journal in which he writes about his experiences and thoughts. As he grows weaker, McCandless begins to realize that he may not make it out alive.

The movie ends with McCandless’s body being found by hikers months later. His journal is found with his body and is published posthumously. The movie ends with a voiceover of McCandless’s writing, in which he says that he has finally found happiness and peace.

The Characters

The movie follows the true story of Brian Robeson, a 13-year-old city boy who is stranded in the Canadian wilderness after the small plane he is flying in with his pilot crashes. Brian must use all his skills and endurance to stay alive as he struggles to make his way back to civilization. Along the way, he befriends a wild wolf who becomes his loyal companion.

The characters in “A Cry In The Wild” are:

Brian Robeson: The 13-year-old protagonist of the story, Brian is a city boy who is thrust into a fight for survival when he becomes stranded in the wilderness. He must use all his wits and courage to make it back to safety.

Pilot: The pilot of the small plane carrying Brian to visit his father, he is killed when the plane crashes.

Wildlife: The natural inhabitants of the Canadian wilderness, including moose, bear, and wolves.

The Setting

The movie “A Cry In The Wild” is set in the Canadian Rockies in the early 1900s. The story follows a young woman, Kate, who is on a journey to find her missing sister. Along the way, she meets a trapper, John, who helps her navigate the wilderness. The two eventually fall in love and must fight for their survival against the elements.


The film contains several major themes. The first is the idea of solitude versus companionship. The main character, Brian, is alone in the wilderness for most of the film, and he must contend with the challenges that come with being isolated from other people. He also has to deal with the psychological effects of being alone, such as feeling homesick or experiencing boredom.

Another theme in the film is the idea of nature versus civilization. Brian is constantly surrounded by nature, and he must learn to adapt to his surroundings in order to survive. He also learns to appreciate the beauty of nature and come to respect its power. This theme is contrasted with the Film’s other major setting, which is the city where Brian was raised. The city is loud, busy, and crowded, and it represents everything that is opposite of Nature.

The film also deals with the theme of growing up and coming of age. Brian starts out as a child who does not know how to take care of himself, but by the end of the film he has transformed into a young man who is capable of surviving on his own in the wild. This journey of self-discovery teaches Brian valuable lessons about himself and helps him to mature into adulthood.

The Message

The film, “A Cry In The Wild: The Movie” is about a group of young people who get stranded in the wilderness and have to fight for their lives. The message of the film is that when you are in a difficult situation, you have to be strong and fight for what you want. The film is an inspirational story about never giving up and always believing in yourself.

The Music

The music in “A Cry In The Wild: The Movie” is very important to the film. It helps set the mood and atmosphere of the film, as well as drives the story forward.

The movie opens with a very calm and serene piece of music, which helps establish the setting and tone of the film. As the movie progresses, the music becomes more intense and driving, signifying the peril that the characters are in.

The movie’s score was composed by Academy Award-winning composer James Horner, and it features some very beautiful and moving pieces of music. The music is an integral part of “A Cry In The Wild: The Movie”, and it helps to make it a truly special film.

The Cinematography

“A Cry In The Wild” is a movie about a teenage girl who is stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. The cinematography is very well done and the film does an excellent job of making the viewer feel as if they are in the same situation as the characters. The film is shot in a documentary style and uses real life footage of the plane crash and interviews with the survivors. This gives the film an added sense of realism.

The Acting

The acting in “A Cry In The Wild” is superb. The cast does a great job of conveying the emotional roller coaster that the characters are on. You really feel for them as they fight for their lives in the wilderness.

The Overall Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed “A Cry In The Wild: The Movie”. It was an experience I’ll never forget. This is a story of one man’s journey into the wilderness, and his fight for survival.

The acting was top-notch, and the scenery was breathtaking. I felt like I was right there with the characters, experiencing everything firsthand. The film’s pacing was perfect, and it never felt rushed or slow.

I would highly recommend “A Cry In The Wild: The Movie” to anyone looking for an thrilling and intense adventure.

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